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First/Given Name(s):


Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp)



Latitude: 36.7343283333333, Longitude: -76.5849508333333


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEALE Robin Gayle  1959Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3090
2 BOOTH Debra Lynn  29 Oct 1957Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3056
3 EPPS Lewis Craig  7 Nov 1964Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3114
4 EPPS Michael Wayne  13 Nov 1962Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3113
5 GOODRICH Ara Elizabeth  19 Apr 1950Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I5228
6 GOODRICH Clarence Allan  26 Apr 1948Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I5253
7 GOODRICH Judy Lee  31 Jan 1945Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I5221
8 GOODRICH Melvin Eugene  17 Mar 1960Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I5265
9 GOODRICH Michelle Leigh  6 Oct 1975Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I5257
10 GOODRICH Sandra Sue  28 Jul 1956Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I5229
11 GWALTNEY Meredith Eugene  23 Mar 1957Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3049
12 GWALTNEY Sandra Leigh  27 Dec 1954Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3048
13 PECK Dana Leigh  16 Mar 1961Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3742
14 PECK David Keith  13 Feb 1963Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3743
15 PECK Derek Sean  20 Dec 1974Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3744
16 PECK Robert Ray  18 Sep 1986Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3748
17 PITTMAN Walter Brian  31 Jul 1961Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3064
18 ROLLINGS Letha  16 Oct 1951Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I1180
19 WARD Irvin Cornell  10 Jun 1953Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3052
20 WARD Selinda Gail  23 Sep 1949Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I3051


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FENN Lillie Georgie  4 Feb 1960Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I5277
2 GOODRICH Ara Elizabeth  21 Apr 1950Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I5228
3 GOODRICH Cephus Edwin  12 Dec 1999Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I5209
4 GOODRICH Marvin Lewis  30 May 1974Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I939
5 WARD Joseph Ray  17 Jul 2003Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I1020
6 WEST Herman Thomas  25 Jun 1975Suffolk, VA (Louise Obici Hosp) I882