The Richard Booth Bible

Name Event Reference from Bible
Booth, Ann Elizabeth Birth 3/14/1812, daughter of Thomas S. and Martha Ann, his wife
Booth, Charles Birth 7/22/1790
Booth, Charles Death 4/23/1797
Booth, Charles Married 3/12/1794 to Nancy
Booth, Charles Married 6/27/1811 to Lucy
Booth, Elizabeth S. W. Death 5/7/1823, 38 years
Booth, Elizabeth Stratton Ward Booth Birth 3/16/1785 (3) (hard to read) , 38 years 
Booth, Helen Birth 6/13/1864, daughter of Thos. B. Booth and A.L. Booth
Booth, John H. Birth 9/11/1794
Booth, John H. Death 6/29/1827
Booth, Judith Belle Birth 7/22/1863 daughter of Thos. B. Booth and A.L. Booth
Booth, Judith Belle Death 10/20/1863, daughter of T.B and A.L. Booth, aged 2 months and 29 days
Booth, Mrs. Judith Death 10/8/1840
Booth, Mrs. Maria Death 5/11/1827
Booth, Mrs. Nancy Death 3/12/1825
Booth, Mrs. or Miss (?) Death 12/18/1856
Booth, Nancy S. Birth 6/7/1788, age 68
Booth, Other births Birth listed other Booth births after 1866 and were not in the transcript
Booth, Other Deaths Death listed other Booth deaths after 1866 and were not in the transcript
Booth, Other Marriages Married listed other Booth marriages after 1866 and were not in the transcript
Booth, Richard Birth 8/20/1792, dece'd 1/27/1795
Booth, Richard Birth 8/1/1797  [SIC], 2nd one named Richard and probably named after father
Booth, Richard Death 1/26/1852
Booth, Richard Married 8/23/1823 to Maria
Booth, Richard Married 12/18/1834 to Judith
Booth, Richard Lyon Birth 2/24/1866, son of Thos. B. Booth and A.L. Booth
Booth, Thomas B. Death 7/30/1923, aged 84 years
Booth, Thomas B. Married 11/12/1862 to Agnes S. Lyon
Booth, Thomas B. Other Entered V.M.I. Just before the War Between The States. He was attending VMI when he volunteered for service in the Confederate Army.
Booth, Thomas Boisseau Birth Jan'y 27th, 1840
Booth, Thomas S. Birth 10/09/1786
Booth, Thomas S. Married 4/18/1811 to Martha Ann
Booth, Virginia        Death 6/1826
Booth, Virginia S. Ann Birth 3/13/1825
Booth, William P. Birth 4/23/1813, Dec'd Jan'y 16th, 1814
The Richard Booth Bible.  This Bible was in the home of Mrs. Nola Parker Booth, "Fairfield", Petersburg, Virginia. Owners: Richard Booth, Agnes and Thomas H. Booth, Great-grandchildren of Richard Booth, present owners. Spelling are as in the Bible.        ** It is believed that this is the Richard Booth, son of Aaron and Rebecca Booth, son of Moses and Sarah Booth, son of Robert and Sarah Booth.
This Bibile is bound in brown leather and contains the Old and New Testaments, with original notes , and practical observations and copious marginal references by Thomas Scott, D.D., Rector of Ashton Sanford, Bucks and Chaplain to the Lock Hospital.  [SIC] There are copious references to The scott family, it is possible that Richard married a Scott as the family has several other Scott Bibles.
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