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The History of Snow Hill


Photo Gallery - Snow Hill - Click Picture for Larger View

These photos represent low resolution pictures of Snow Hill, the plantation house built by Beverly Booth in 1836. The house still stands on Route 40, outside of Waverly, Virginia, in Surry County. The family graveyard is in the rear and has sustained serious damage from vandals and time. Several headstones are still viewable. Click the picture for a bigger image.  Contact Gene Harris for a CD with high res photos ($2.00).

Snow Hill Newspaper

Article from newspaper on Snow Hill


A shot of the front of snow Hill in the Winter of 2000

Snow Hill

Another shot during the spring of 2001

Left Side

A picture of the left side showing the chimney and small 3rd floor bedroom window

Right Side

Chimney on the right side with 3rd floor bedrom window

Right Chimney

Another picture of the right side chimney


A right front window with detail

Shutter Detail

A detail shot of a right front shutter with the original hinges

Rear view

The rear of Snow Hill. There used to be a "T" addition here that burned down.

Front View

Another shot

Front View

Another angle

Rear View

Current rear view

Left Side

Showing entrance door to what was probablt the dining room

Left Side

During the snow

Window Sill

A view of a window sill with the original hinge

Surry Map

Showing area of Surry County around Snow Hill

Property Platt

Showing locations of buildings on the property

Frontal Drawing

1st Floor

1st Floor drawing

3rd Floor

Door Detail

Molding Detail

Molding and cornices detail

Front Porch

Derail drawing of missing front porch

Side View

Side view drawing and elevations